KAZIMIERZ, miedeval town

historcal jewish district

KAZIMIERZ, miedeval town

320PLN per person

Guided tour at historical district Kazimierz will let you to know the history of the medieval town founded by the King of Poland, Casimir the Great. Kazimierz which used to be the independent and competitive city to Krakow was divided into two parts, the catholic and the jewish one. During the tour you will discover both parts of the city.


Visiting the jewish quarter: walk along the medieval jewish town, Szeroka Street, the Old Synagogue, the Remuh Synagogue, the Izaak Synagogue, the Tempel Synagogue, JCC, the New Square, Meiselsa Street.

Visiting the catholic district: walk along the Wolnica Square, visit to the Church of Corpus Christi, St. Catherine’s Church, St. Stanislaus’ Church.

  • Price
    Krakow private guide = 650,00 PLN / group
  • Not included
    tourguide system = 8 PLN / person
  • Duration
    up to 3 hours
  • Route
    Kazimierz jewish quarter
  • Comments
    There is no maximum size limit for groups, however we suggest no more than 30 visitors per guide for the best experience and safety.
  • Paid extra
    Entrance tickets: reduced = 7-14 PLN, regular = 12-16 PLN


Pilot / przewodnik
Ogólne wrażenia

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During the tour you will visit the Wawel Hill, the place where for hundreads of years lived the Kings of Poland and Royal Families and learn the history of the medieval capital of Poland.

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Guided tour at Kazimierz will let you to discover the jewish heritage in Krakow.